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Drink Menu

We have simply the best full bar in the Stateline & we can create any mixed drink you desire!
We have a full selection of Liquors, Brandies, Cognacs, Liqueurs, Wines & Beers! 
Visit our bar today and request your favorite drink!


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Flavored Lemonades$4.79

Original Mexican Flavored Limonadas!

Strawberry, Peach & Mango Flavors


Carbonated Mexican Soda in bottles! 5 Flavors:

Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Lime, Apple (Sidral) & Sangria

Sorry! No free refills on Jarritos

Coca Cola$2.75

We feature Mexican bottled Coca Cola! All Coca Cola Products

Sodas, Tea, Coffee & Lemonade


Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Mr. Pibb, Mello Yellow, Fanta Orange, Root Beer

Free Refills!

Freshly Brewed Iced Tea$2.49

Free Refills!

Raspberry Iced Tea$2.49

Free Refills!


Piping Hot, Fresh Coffee

Free Refills!


Zesty & Delicious Classic Lemonade!

Free Refills!

Milks & Juices

Fresh Milk$2.49

Sorry! No Free Refills!

Cold Milk$2.49

Sorry! No Free Refills!


A Mexican Favorite!

Sorry! No Free Refills!


Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice

Sorry! No Free Refills!

Drink Menu

Mixed Drinks & Full Service

We Have Simply The Best Full Bar In The Stateline & We Can Create Any Mixed Drink You Desire! We Have A Full Selection Of Liquors, Brandies, Cognacs, Liqueurs, Wines & Beers!

Visit Our Bar Today And Request Your Favorite Drink!

Here Are Only A Few Of Our Specialties You Could Choose From!

Long Island Ice Tea | Alabama Slammer | Tequila Sun Rise | Mai Tai | Kamikaze | Cuba Libre | Manhattan | Tom Collins | Martini
| Screw Driver | Madras | Bloody Mary
| Cosmopolitan | Amaretto Sour | Old Fashioned
| Tequilas | Vodkas | Rums | Gins | Bourbons | Scotches | Brandies | Liqueurs | Cognacs | Wines | Beers


Dos Reales House Margarita

Our house Margarita recipe made with Tequila, Triple Sec and Gran Gala Liqueur. Served frozen or on
the rocks and served with salt and fresh lime!

Regular 12oz - $4.95
Yumbo 27oz - $8.49
1/2 Pitcher 32oz - $10.49
Pitcher 60oz - $18.99

Dos Reales Margarita Meltdown

Meltdown your Dos Reales Margarita for only $2.00 more!
Choose from these fine liqueurs, Amaretto, Chambord, Midori, or Blue Curacao!

1/2 Pitcher, add $5.00 | Pitcher, add $10.00

Fruit Flavored Margaritas

We proudly use Island Oasis products to prepare our flavored margaritas with house Tequila and Triple Sec!

Your choice of Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango, Peach or Passion Fruit!

Regular 12oz - $6.49
Grande 27oz - $10.29
1/2 Pitcher 32oz - $13.29
Pitcher 60oz - $22.49

Golden Margarita

Simply the best Top Shelf Margarita!

Setting the Gold Standard for the Stateline! Gold Tequila, Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur, fresh lime juice handcrafted & hand shaken! Served in a Grande Margarita glass with a salted rim and a fresh lime slice!

21oz - $9.49

El Patron Margarita

Custom-built and hand shaken!

Made with Patron Silver Tequila, Patron Citronge, fresh lime juice, mixed with crushed ice! Served in a Martini glass with salt on the rim and a fresh lime wedge!

12oz - $8.49

Upgrade to Patron Reposado add, $1.50 Or Even Better... Upgrade to Patron Anejo for only, $2.20 more!

Sangria Margarita

Made with our own Lime Mix in a tasty combination with Sangria!

16oz - $7.95

Cantarito Drink

Made with premium tequila & special fruit mixers!

21oz - $9.99

Corona Margarita

Get our house lime mix in frozen style made w/gold tequila in combination w/Corona beer to make a real explosion! Also available in other flavors by request.

16oz - $9.79

Pina Coladas

Pina Colada

A frozen combination of coconut Malibu Rum then mixed proudly with our freshly made Dos Reales custom created mix!

16oz - $7.29

Passion Pina Colada

A Pina Colada melted down with Chambord and Grenadine!


Pina Colada Acapulco Style

A frozen Pina Colada creation using our own coco mix, served & presented in a real carved pineapple!

20oz - $9.99

Dos Reales Specialties


A classic, refreshing drink made with Bacardi Rum, sweetened Island Oasis mix, fresh Mint leaves, lime slices, and a splash of club soda!

Available in flavors upon your request!

16oz - $6.29


Your choice of Mexican Beer served with lime juice, ice, salt and a Special Bloody mix!


Beer & Cerveza

We have a large selection of Imported & Domestic beers!

Simply the best Mexican, American & European beers!

American & Domestic Beers$3.75

Michelob Lager | Bud Light | Budweiser | Michelob Ultra | Miller Lite | Coors Light | Mgd | O'Douls

Mexican Cervezas & Imported Beers$3.95

Corona | Tecate | Dos XX Amber | Pacifico | Modelo Negra | Sol | Carta Blanca | Dos XX Lager | Victoria | Bohemia | O'Douls | Heineken | Modelo Special

Draft Beers

12oz - $2.99 | 25oz - $4.79 | 60oz Pitcher - $10.29

Dos XX | Modelo Special | Pacifico | Bud Light

Wines & Sangrias


Glass - $4.29
½ Carafe - $9.29
Full Carafe - $15.99


Glass - $4.29
½ Carafe - $9.29
Full Carafe - $15.99

White Zinfandel

Glass - $4.29
½ Carafe - $9.29
Full Carafe - $15.99


Glass - $4.29
½ Carafe - $9.29
Full Carafe - $15.99


Glass - $4.29
½ Carafe - $9.29
Full Carafe - $15.99


Glass - $4.29
½ Carafe - $9.29
Full Carafe - $15.99


Glass - $4.29
½ Carafe - $9.29
Full Carafe - $15.99

Pinot Grigio

Glass - $4.49
½ Carafe - $9.29
Full Carafe - $16.59


Glass - $4.49
½ Carafe - $9.29
Full Carafe - $16.59

Cabernet Sauvignon

Glass - $4.49
½ Carafe - $9.29
Full Carafe - $16.59