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Rico Guacamole!

What Does "Dos Reales" Mean?

Reales is plural of the singular, real. Pronounced "re-al" , It was a Spanish Coin worth about 25 cents or a 1/4 of the Ocho Reales coin and had the value of "half of a Peseta". The peso was the initial name of the Ocho Reales coin issued in Mexico by Spain.

After Mexico gained its independence in 1821, the new government continued the Spanish monetary system of 16 silver reales equaling 1 gold escudo, with the peso of 8 reales being the largest silver coin.

Full bar with liquor bottles on shelves behind bar and TV mounted to wall.
Catered festive event under large gazebo. Food laid out on covered picnic tables.
flan mezxicano
Patrons at tables inside Dos Reales Mexican restaurant enjoying food at dining tables.

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Dos Reales Mexican Restaurant

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